Stonewell Grill Pan

Complete Non-Stick Grill Pan

Stonewell Grill Pan is a 100% non-stick grill pan that promises to bring out the best and finest flavor in your food to give you healthier, lighter and tastier meals each and every time you use it.


Finest Flavor of Food

With the Stonewell Grill Pan in your kitchen you can have the amazing taste of traditional stone cooking in the comfort of your own home. The Stonewell non-stick grill pan is designed to completely bring out the natural and finest flavor in all your dishes.


Aluminum Base for Even Heating

Stonewell technology uses the best of all cookware in a single pan. The Stonewell Grill Pan features an aluminum base that ensures your food heats up quickly and evenly. The grill pan is also designed to retain heat ensuring your food is cooked to perfection as the pan slowly and steadily releases heat to the food.


Finest Food with Each Use

With the Stonewell Grill Pan you will have the best flavor with any meal that you cook which means your cooking is guaranteed to be a success each and every time. There is no other non-stick pan that can compare to the flavor that Stonewell delivers.


No Chipping, Scratching or Flaking

The Stonewell Grill Pan is designed with a very hard stone coating. The hard and scratch resistant coating ensures that the pan will not chip, scratch or flake.


Healthy Cooking Without Oil or Fat

This amazing non-stick grill pan requires no butter, oil or grease for food to be cooked making it the perfect pan for your light and healthy meals. You are guaranteed to enjoy healthy cooking without any oil of fat.



Stonewall is extremely durable allowing you to cook food at extremely high temperatures.


Compatibility with All Types Of Hobs

You can use the Stonewell Grill Pan with gas hobs, electric hobs, ceramic hobs as well as induction hobs.


Easy To Clean and Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning the Stonewell Grill Pan is a breeze. The non-stick and scratch resistant properties of the Stonewell pan make it very easy to clean with just a single clean up wipe. The pan is also dishwasher safe.


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