Style Bright Hair Lights

What is Style Bright Hair Lights?

An LED lights powered accessory, Style Bright Hair Lights can be worn in hair, on the wrist or on bags to make them glow and look stylish.


Made for the stylish ones

Style Bright Hair Lights is a unique accessory that promises to brighten up your look so you can make a style statement of your own. It uses LED lights which make you and your hair or accessories glow without causing you any harm whatsoever. p> 

Versatile and powerful

Style Bright Hair Lights is presented as a versatile LED lights accessory that is very easy to use and manage. The makers of the accessory claim that it is designed not only for hairstyles but also to make your bags or anything you want to smarten up look simply fabulous. It can be wrapped in any way you like so you are able to make anything glow and shine. p> 

Instant way to go stylish

Style Bright Hair Lights apparently glows instantly without taking a long time. It seems to be the perfect way to acquire a unique style by simply wearing it and getting it to glow quickly. p> 

Works on all hairstyles

Style Bright Hair Lights is designed specially to suit hairstyles, which can be used in several other ways as well. If you have a favorite hairstyle that you’ve longing to jazz up and sport in style, you are guaranteed that you can do it easily with this brilliant accessory. Whether it’s a bun, ponytail, wraps or braids, all any of them can be stylized with it.



Safe and completely risk-free

It’s natural to wonder if you really can wear lights in your hair and not face any risk. Style Bright Hair Lights guarantees that its LED lights are completely safe and stay cool to touch.


Want lights to flash, blink or be steady? You decide

Style Bright Hair Lights can be used in the flash, blink as well as steady glow mode, so you can select the one you prefer and use it that way.


What do I get?

  • 2 Pink Scrunchies with Pink Lights
  • 2 White scrunchies with Purple Lights

All this for just $10.00 plus $11.98 processing and handling. Official website:


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  1. I ordered Style Bright Hair Light on Nov 11th from after my daughter saw the commercial and HAD to have these light up hair clips. I was SHOCKED how much shipping was for these little hair things but had already clicked process so it was too late. Still have not received them. Went to their site so I could call to find out status and website no longer exists. Tried googling it and nothing! Very disappointed!!!

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