Swing Shirt

What is Swing Shirt

Swing Shirt is a shirt whose design syncs upper arms with body to function as a golf training device. It is an award-winning golf training aid being used by many to learn golf.


Love golf? Get Swing Shirt, the award-winning master golf trainer

Swing Shirt guarantees to train you like no one can, which teaching legend Jimmy Ballard and three-time major winner Padraig Harrington and leading golf instructors across the US endorse. Swing Shirt is considered as the best training aid that is in the form of a shirt, which when worn, helps you get your golf right by learning to groove the swing, hit longer straight shots and master various nuances of the sport easily and instantly.


Helps feel perfect golf swings every time

Wearing Swing Shirt seems to be the best way to understand perfect golf swings every single time. It is known to revolutionize the way golfers are not only learning, but also playing golf now. According to its designers, people say that it feels like having your own swing coach. It makes people feel that it enhances the golf swing by syncing the upper arms with body, the effects of which are not seen so easily in normal scenario.


Useful for all

Swing Shirt promises to help anyone experience fine golfing as it’s designed to suit everyone. It can be worn by men as well as women of any age and even by those who may have a disability. It is made of special fabric and conforms to technology that is found to be common in great golfers.



Looks and feels good

Swing Shirt is designed to make the wearer feel good as it is made of top quality that looks pleasing too. It’s available in any color and size you prefer and feel comfortable in.


Easy to use

The makers of Swing Shirt state that it’s not a complex tool or a machine but simply a shirt you wear over your clothes and put your arms in its centre trunk sleeve to get going. You can wear the shirt comfortably during the round and just need to make sure that it’s zippers are not zipped.


What do I get?

More info at GetSwingShirt.com

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