TakWrap Never-Slip Grip Rolls

What is TakWrap

– It is a roll of soft silicone wrap that works as a cushion on your garden and garage tools to prevent calluses, blisters and hand cramps.
TakWrap is supposedly the ideal wrap for you to cover the handles of your garden and garage tools if you want to prevent painful blisters, calluses and hand cramps from de-capacitating you. The soft silicone wrap is also said to prevent the tools from slipping from your hands by giving you a good grip.


Absorbs shock and gives a comfortable grip

A continual usage of tools like hoes and hammers causes friction between the handle and the palms, which leads to painful blisters forming on the skin. Or then the handle of a full water-can can be hard and cause cramps and calluses on holding it for a long time. And this is where the supposedly revolutionary TakWrap promises to help you eliminate all these problems. It is meant to be a 1/8inches thick wrap that can absorb shock and give you a comfortable grip. TakWrap is believed to even absorb the shock and give a strong grip to the handle of a stone pulverizer that has been greased.


Fits the handle of everything you use

No matter what the size of the handle of your tool, you can believably wrap it up with TakWrap, which is designed to be cut into any size to fit the handle. The grip that you form with the silicone wrap will apparently be permanent and never slip whether it is on a saw, screw driver, or even a dumbbell that feels so hard on your hands. It can also be used on walking cans, baseball bats, buckets or just about anything you use on a daily basis.


Insulates your hands from heat and cold

Even though there are other wraps available they cannot protect you against extreme heat and cold but TakWrap promises to insulate your palms again both heat and cold. Gloves can protect your hands but they cannot prevent fatigue and muscle pain, which TakWrap claims to do. Even if your lawnmower vibrates a lot and strains your hands, you can wrap its handle to reduce the vibration and ease your hands.


What do I get?

Get 6 Rolls for TakWrap for just $10.99 + $11.90 S/h. Official website: BuyTakWrap.com


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