Hassle-free Storage

With TelePurse, the smart purse as the claim goes, you no longer need to carry the whole bulky bag and can still carry all the stuff that you need when you step out. The convenient and stylish purse can apparently accommodate things like your mobile phone, coins, cards, coupons and even your make-up stuff. The slick design of TelePurse lets you keep your cellphone at your fingertips so you wouldn’t need to dig through your bag for it and thus end up missing calls. The purse also promises to help prevent clutter inside with its double zippered sections that keep everything well-organized and safe. So while the pocket flaps of TelePurse promise to secure your devices, its opening will let you plug in earphones or adapters without having to remove the device out of the purse. Another great feature of TelePurse, as the claim, goes is its stretchable outer pocket that will fit any cellphone in it even the larger ones and it can even fit music players and digicams.



Carry the purse the way you want

TelePurse promises to also give you the freedom to carry it the way you find it convenient – wrap it around your wrist to make it super handy or strap it on and carry it around your shoulder to go hands free. Even though it is compact in size it claims to put your worry of not carrying enough stuff at bay. You can put in your essentials in it and even carry lipsticks and pens in the inside loop. It is also equipped with a clear ID sleeve that will keep your driver’s license easily accessible. Style meets function in TelePurse as also the nylon material makes it soft and lightweight. You wouldn’t need to worry about carrying stuff if you don’t have pockets in your pants as you can stuff it all in TelePurse and go shopping, walking the dog or even being with your kid.


What do I get?
Get 2 TelePurses for just $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website



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