Tissel Tints

What is Tissel Tints? It a new hair color applicator which you use by placing strands of your hair you into it, lock it and glide it through your hair.


Jazz up your hair quickly the easy, fun way

Tissel Tints claims to be an exciting new way to color your hair easily and quickly to make you look great instantly. Tissel Tints isn’t like other hair coloring products as it has an innovative design. You need to put some strands of your hair in it clasp and glide it down. You’ll see a trail of the color on your hair strands that’ll transform your look dramatically.



Can be washed off easily

Apparently the colors of Tissel Tints are temporary and don’t stay for long. Once you shampoo your hair thoroughly it will come off easily.


Scores of amazing shades for your hair

Tissel Tints offers four vivid colors- pink, blue, purple and green out of which you can create a vast number of shades. If you love experimenting with looks all the time you’d would find it exciting especially because it comes off easily when washed so you can apply a new tint everyday. You can have fun and make heads turn whenever you feel like it by simply wearing a new color. You can even mix and match more than one shade and apply streaks of more than one color to create a new look.



Suitable for all hair types

Tissel Tints is supposedly compatible with any hair colour or style. Whether your hair is dark or light, long or short, wavy or straight, you can sport Tissel Tints and glam up by simply gripping and gliding it along your hair.


No stickiness or mess

The makers of Tissel Tints say that it’s non-messy and non-sticky. It is also provided with a conveniently designed colour applicator which prevents color from dripping while applying. It seems that its claims that it’s easy, convenient and fun for anyone to use it are really true.



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