Toester – As Seen On TV Electric Foot Warmer REVIEWED

About Toester

It is a foot warmer that promises to keep your feet and toes warm anytime you want. You can use Toester at home, at work, in bed and more!



Toester CLAIMS

Toester alleges that its special design which is a half heating pad and half ultra comfortable fleece slipper gives you soothing heat wherever and whenever you need it. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Toester is reviewed.

Toester proclaims that its secret is its power pocket technology which continuously circulates heart around the feet while the plush fleece interior comforts you from heel to toe. The claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after the Toester is reviewed.

Toester promises to be great for chill winter days and chill summer nights. Does the Toester really work as promised? Send us your Toester review.


How to use Toester?

Toester maintains that it is easy to use. Simply slip your feet into the Toester’s comfy pockets and it emits the perfect foot warmth while watching TV, eating dinner, working or just lounging.

Easy to clean
Toester asserts that it is easy to clean. Simply unzip the cover and toss it in the washing machine.

Toester claims to feature 9 heat settings, automatic shut off, and skid resisting padding which ensures it won’t skip.


Toester REVIEW

Jessica Wong complains in her review of the Toester- “It’s warm, but very uncomfortable. It feels like it’s made of paper, very thin. And you feel all the wires inside which totally defeats the purpose of having nice soft sheets! I would not make this purchase again. (We have an electric throw blanket that we will use at our feet, instead; that will be much more comfortable.) The auto-off switch does not work, if there even is one. I left it on all the next day, waiting to see if it ever went off. At this moment, it has been on for 36 hours since I first turned it on. It is just a cheap product”.

In her review of the Toester, Alma Miller mentions- “I was disappointed in this product and don’t recommend it. The place where the cord connects to the pad is placed right in the middle, which means that my feet are constantly bumping into this hard connection. It is uncomfortable. The cord should be connected to a side edge where contact could be avoided. Also the ten hour turn-off stopped working shortly after I started using the pad. Not a big deal, I just had to remember to manually turn it off in the morning, but since it was an advertised feature it should work. And finally this pad is a mild heat, not strong enough to be truly effective for me”.

Myra Armstrong states in her Toester review that there is nothing wrong with the pad itself, but the low temperature setting is too hot. It is not warm. She says it cannot be used all night or for long periods as your feet will be too hot. The temperature for each setting needs to be lowered.

Another user Simon Austin writes in his Toester review that the heat was not distributed evenly throughout the pad.

Marilyn Morrison is not very happy with the Toester and mentions in her Toester review- “It does warm up the bottom of the bed but I find it somewhat uncomfortable to sleep with. It tends to bunch up in places and is a bit scratchy”.

Lloyd Hicks writes in his review of the Toester that he is not overly impressed with it because even on high it only gets warm.

Jerry Robbins claims in his Toester review that it is nice but way too small for his king bed. He thought it would at least cover 3/4th of the bed.

In his review of the Toester Frank Pittman says- “Very thin. I wanted to use it for under my desk in my home office on those cold winter days for my feet. It is not very cozy”.

Gloria Manning says in her Toester review- “Works okay. It keeps feet warm. Main negative is it auto shuts off on medium and high, have to unplug power to reset. It is a pain in the middle of the night, waking up to cold feet in winter, unit blinking, and I have to find end of cord to unplug and plug back in”.

Another user Kristy Wallace mentions in her Toester review- “This product would be better if you could set a timer for a desired amount of time. Overall it is a pretty good product for the price”.

Donna Doyle complains in her review of the Toester- “Maker of this product is too conservative about letting it do enough warming. Apparently, fear of customer injury from overheating outweighed the possibility of full customer satisfaction”.

Garry Collins states in his Toester review- “It is warm enough to keep your feet toasty under a blanket but not warm like a heating pad”.


Toester Questions and Answers

Q. How many watts is the Toester?
A. Not sure, but could be 180 watts.

Q. How many heating settings does the Toester have?
A. 9

Q. What is the temperature range of the Toester?
A. Not specified, please contact the customer service.

Q. How does the automatic shut off work?
A. It has a 10 hour auto shutoff.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. No warranty.

Q. Does the Toester go under the sheets?
A. Yes, it goes on top of the mattress pad and under the sheets.

Q. Can I use this for my dog?
A. You certainly can use this for your dog.

Q. Can I put in on top of my sheet rather than under the sheets, on a waterbed?
A. No, the heat will be too much.

Q. Does it go under the sheet but over the mattress pad?
A. We found it much easier to put it on top of the bottom sheet. It has a plug in the middle of the Toester toes so it became difficult to put the fitted sheet over it.

Q. Does the Toester work at 220 volt as well?
A. No, it does not work on 220 volts. It works on 110-120 volts.

Q. Can it be used on a gel mattress?
A. No.

Q. Does this heat all the way across the entire Pad or just in the center?
A. It provides heat over the entire square footage of the pad. However, I sense a slight variation in temperature, being a bit cooler on the ends. All in all I have no trouble finding a suitable spot to get cozy in.

Q. Can it be used with a Tempur-Pedic mattress?
A. Tempur-Pedic states on their web site that they do not recommend using electric blankets or mattress pads because the “exposure to direct heat over extended periods of time can cause damage to the TEMPUR material.

Q. Is it washable?
A. Cover is washable.

Q. Can you turn off one side?
A. No.

Q. Can I sleep over it?
A. Probably but wouldn’t be comfortable.

Q. Could the Toester be placed below the mattress pad?
A. Yes, you can place it under the mattress pad.

Q. Does the Toaster stay on the bed or fall on the floor easily?
A. I had the same problem but solved it by attaching safety pins to the four corners of the Toester Toes and the Mattress pad.

Q. Is there a pocket for feet?
A. There is not a pocket for the feet; however, it does provide a flat heated surface that lies at the foot of your bed for your feet to rest on which would accommodate changing positions easier.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Toester?
A. Product dimensions: 30in x 20in x 1in.

Q. Can the Toester be used on top of a foam mattress topper?
A. It should not be in conjunction with “memory foam” products.

Q. Can I use the Toester on a blow up mattress?
A. Please ask your blow up mattress manufacturer.

Q. Does the Toester automatically come back on after a power outage?
A. It does not.

Q. What is the material?
A. Fleece interior comforts from heel to toe.

Q. What is the length of the cord?
A. Please check with the customer care.

Q. Does the Toester need batteries?
A. No, it plugs into 110 V power.

Q. Is it easy to charge using a USB?
A. It works from an electric outlet only.


What do I get?
2 Toester Electric Foot Warmers for $64.98 at the Official website: | Order the Toester today!

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