TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler

What is TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler: It is a hair styler that can offer you four different hairstyles.


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler is made to help you with getting four gorgeous hair styles without any hassle. If you have got gorgeous hair then there’s every reason you should flaunt it. But getting beautiful hairstyles at home can be such a problem with your regular stylers. TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler is said to be designed for your convenience and to give you good results as well.


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler helps you create different looks

If you want to get tight and spiral curls then you can easily use the styling wand, which also makes sense for straight look. There’s also the Exclusive Curl Guide, which can help you get beach waves or natural curls. With TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler there is no dearth of options with hair styles that you can wear when going out to work or a special function.


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler works with Silk Ceramic technology

This styler contains professional grade advanced ceramic plates that have been infused with real silk proteins. And that’s the reason you get the smoothest glide when using it on your hair and it results in professional quality results, according to its claims. It has an advantage over the traditional styling tools because it has the most advanced ceramic coating. The Silk ceramic coupled with 410 degree heat are responsible for salon quality results at home.


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler caters to your convenience

Firstly, the split barrel ceramic plates can be used for different hair styles you want. There are 30 different heat settings to customize things to your requirements. TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler also has a swivel cord, which makes styling a lot easier for you. 30 second heat up time is also an advantage while 60 minute auto shut off is meant for your safety. It has digital display controls for temperature control too.


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler can be used simply for different hair styles

To get Natural Curls you can start near the roots and with 1-2 inch sections in the split barrel. The styler then has to be turned 180 degrees toward your head before sliding it down the section of the hair. You can then release the section of the hair at the bottom and twist with your fingers for the curl. This can then be repeated on more sections of the hair.


To use TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler to get the Sleek and Smooth look you can start near the root with 1-2 inch sections between the split barrel. The styler should then be slid down the hair to get the results you want.


You start in the similar fashion for beach waves and then turn the TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler 180 degrees toward your head. Hold it in place for a brief period before moving it down the strand of the hair and rotating away 180 degrees. Hold it in place again and continue the alternating motion throughout hair. Once you repeat the process on remaining sections of the hair, your look will be complete


TStudio Silk Ceramic Multistyler can also be used to get Tight Curls. You start near the root with 1-2 inch sections wrapped around the split barrel before unwinding your hair to release the curl. You can then repeat it on different sections of the hair to get the curls you are looking for.


What do I get?
Get the T|Studio Silk Ceramic Multistyler by Remington for just $34.99 + S/h. Official website RemingtonProducts.com

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