Twist N Joy

What is Twist N Joy?

Twist N Joy is an all-in-one food preparation system that performs several functions without electricity by twisting and tugging at a string in its pull lid.


Truly revolutionary

Twist N Joy is presented as a revolutionary food preparation system with several attachments to prepare a variety of foods fast and easy. It comes with a unique system wherein you place foods in the unit and pull at a string of its lid to get it to work.


All-in-one Food Processor

Twist N Joy claims it is a stand mixer, counter top chopper, blender, whipper, ice crusher, ice cream machine, meat grinder, coffee grinder and more by performing their functions singlehandedly.


Different attachments for a wide range of functions

According to the makers of Twist N Joy, it can chop, slice, mix, shred, whisk, froth and do more with foods effortlessly. Its blades seem sharp enough to easily cut through hard foods such as ice cubes, fruits, nuts, vegetables and solid blocks of cheese.


Prepares scores of delicacies in a jiffy

Twist N Joy uses its attachments like the five blade slicer for chopping, slicing and mixing to prepare fresh, healthy fruit and veggies dishes, salad spreads, mixed salads, homemade toppings, salad dressings etc. It can also whip up fruit and frozen party drinks and baby food puree. It has a dual saver blade slicer that can cut, mince and hash ingredients like meats, seafood and fish.



Prepare quickly and easily and store up too

Twist N Joy, comes with a fresh keeping lid which can be placed over container you prepare food in for easy storage.


Smart functions

You may notice that using Twist N Joy is easy as you just tug and pull the string for the razor sharp blades to start functioning. It creates a spinning vortex that rotates food from the bottom to the top and back again effortlessly. You control the size cubes you cut as one pull is for large cubes, two pulls for small cubes, three pulls for diced foods and four pulls for minced foods.



No electricity needed

Twist N Joy works without electricity so it cuts costs of bills and replace or recharge expensive batteries.


Dishwasher safe

Twist N Joy is dishwasher safe hence cleaning it seems easy and convenient too.


What do I get?

  • 1 silicone sealed lid with pull cord.
  • 1 625ml non-slip container with scale and handy grip.
  • 1 stainless steel five cutting blade attachment.
  • 1 stainless steel sabre cutting blade attachment.
  • 1 whisk attachment for mixing.
  • 1 hand-held blender made of stainless steel with plastic adapter and lid.
  • 1 protective cap for the hexagon depressions of the blade trays and the whisk tray.
  • 1 fruit press juicer lid.
  • 1 fruit press juicer base.
  • 1 drinking lid with airtight silicone seal.
  • 1 Twist N Joy Mini with small container, 3-blade slicer and the rinse and spin basket.
  • 1 dispenser lid with egg separator, ingredient shaker and easy pour spout.
  • 1 silicone spatula.
  • 1 recipe book complete with 45 entries.

All this for just Single payment of $99.00 + S/h.

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