Two Tasty Baking Inserts

What are Two Tasty Baking Inserts?
Two Tasty Baking Inserts are cupcake makers that can be used in your own baking pan.Use Two Tasty Baking Inserts to make multi flavored cupcakes instantly at your home in your own baking pan. It promises to be a great way to make 2 flavors of cupcakes.


Easy to use

It is simple and easy to use Two Tasty Baking Inserts. Get your muffin or cupcake squares ready to bake. Identify the centre of the muffin or cupcake square and place the inserts right in the middle. Fill in your choice of flavor on each side of the Two Tasty Baking Inserts. Then, simply remove the inserts and allow the flavors of the cupcakes to mix together.

Next, set your pan to bake and wait for your flavorsome cupcakes to get done.
Top the cupcakes with any decoration and you are ready to enjoy delicious treats
with your family. Two Tasty Baking Inserts promises to delight you with two
flavors in every bite of a cupcake.



Re-usable, multi flavors, two colors

Two Tasty Baking Inserts are reusable. They claim to be a great kitchen helper
to get you ready to put a smile on the faces of those who take a bite. They are
supposed to be one of kind that allows you to create multiple flavors in each

Use Two Tasty Baking Inserts to create wonderful flavors in cupcakes. You
can blend vanilla and chocolate flavors in your treat or choose blueberry and
strawberry to create a unique taste with each bite of a cupcake. Two Tasty Baking
Inserts will give you 2 flavors in every bite. You can also get two colors in your
cupcakes to add to the delight.



Features of Two Tasty Baking Inserts

– Fits standard size cupcake pans and cups
– Two flavors in each cupcake
– Two colors in each cupcake
– A great treat for any occasion every day of the week.
– Reusable


What do I get? Price.
2 set of 12 two testy baking inserts
Price – $10.00 plus $15.9 P&H .Total amount $25.9
Official website


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