Undone by Adir Abergel

What is Undone by Adir Abergel

– It is a three step air weight volume system that gives your hair an instant lift and weightless volume. Undone with its unique bubble spheres that adds space between strands claims that its air weight volume system allows you to achieve the volume and texture you have always wanted, while leaving your hair touchably soft and movable.


Complete Hair Care by Undone

The 3 step air weight volume system includes an oxygen cleansing foam which is a unique volume-boosting foaming shampoo with a luxurious feel and a delicate scent. It is designed to cleanse your hair gently and thoroughly while creating volume, bounce and body. This cleanse by undone is sulfate-free and paraben-free which makes it safe for color-treated hair. The next step in your hair care regime would be the re-dew volumizing conditioner a rich yet lightweight, luxuriously scented body-boosting conditioner that moisturizes your hair resulting in soft, touchable volume. It leaves your hair hydrated and manageable without weighing it down.



Wonder-full lifting mist is Adir’s essential step to create hair with lasting volume; this ultra-light weightless mist creates incredible lift and boosts fullness from root to tip. Undone ensures you can easily style your hair without leaving any sticky residue.


The Final and the last step in your hair care with Undone would be the magic air spray which is a next-generation volume-boosting dry hair spray that provides soft control, lasting volume, and natural texture, while absorbing oil to keep style fresh. Undone by Adir Abergel promises to give your hair styling an all-day lift and movement and also revive and extend the style beyond the first day.


How Does Undone by Adir Abergel Work

Give your hair that bounce and volume you always wanted with just a cleanse, condition, prep and finish. Cleanse is an oxygen cleansing foam. Here you have to dispense a quarter-sized amount of gel into your hand and allow a few seconds for gel to develop into a foam while in hand then massage into wet hair creating an intense foaming lather. Leave this on your hair for 30 seconds and then rinse thoroughly.



Follow this step with re-dew volumizing conditioner here you distribute the conditioner evenly through hair at the ends then leave it for 2 minutes and rinse. Once you are out of your shower, follow with Wonder-Full Lifting Mist. Liberally apply wonder full lift spray mist directly onto hair, targeting the roots after showering, on combed, towel dried hair. Follow this with normal hair drying and styling routine.


The last step is the magic spray by Adir Abergel. Simply spray evenly 10-inches from hair, after styling, on dry hair, lift hair in sections and spray liberally underneath from root to tip. Use fingertips to add volume and texture. Spray all over your hair to finish your undone look. Magic Air Spray makes it possible to get gorgeous 2nd-day hair in an instant for a quick next-day style refresh, flip your hair over, and spray the magic air spray liberally from root to tip. Flip your hair back and finger-comb into place to effortlessly revive your undone style.


Undone – an Unique Hair Care

Unlike other volumizing products that weigh down your hair strands with heavy silicone, the exclusive air weight technology is an innovative new approach to creating lightweight volume, lift, and texture that lasts. Unique bubble spheres deposit on to hair shaft, adding space between strands giving hair instant lift and weightless volume. Even between washes and styling, spheres remain on the hair and release nutrient rich ingredients slowly over time. Exclusive air weight technology is comprised of avocado oil an excellent regenerating, moisturizing, protecting, and conditioning agent, ceremides Lipid molecules actually found in the natural hair structure that help to increase hair’s vitality, fatty acids help to promote healthy hair growth, resulting in stronger hair with enhanced shine and the linolenic + linoleic acids Volumizing agents that lightly coat the hair strand resulting in improved texture and volume.


Undone 3-step air weight volume system uses bubble sphere encapsulation to improve body and volume of your hair, it uses lightweight silicone polymers to avoid weighing down hair and the naturally-derived cleansing agents prevents over-stripping and the aerated foaming delivery product spreads evenly on hair and its nourishing ingredients supports healthy hair growth giving your hair the volume and texture you have always wanted.



What do I get?

  • Oxygen Cleansing Foam
  • Re-Dew Volumizing Conditioner
  • Wonder-full Lifting Mist
  • Magic Air Spray

All this for just: $29.95 + Free S/h. Official website: GetUndone.com


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  1. Kristen Reynolds | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    I can’t comment on the product itself. I will say however, the company is awful. I programmed nearly the entire website. The marketing company that enlisted me – McKenna’s Marketing out of California – has an unpaid bill of around seven thousand dollars. I would not do business with Get Undone or any business associated with it.

    • mckenna's marketing | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      The company Undone is a great company and their products are stellar! In fact, this thread is about their products, not their website.

      However, in response to Kristen L: We, McKenna’s Marketing, fired Kristen L who was an incompetent programmer and was unable to build the site she was contracted to do. As our agreement stipulated, we terminated her contract for breach, since she was unable to deliver at the agreed-upon deadlines. We then re-coded the entire website because her “programming” was so bad, the site couldn’t properly function, nor did it look appropriate on multiple browsers. Despite our contract, the site was also not viewable on any mobile platforms .

      It’s unfortunate that she feels the need to misrepresent and attempt to defame a great company with great products because she thinks she’s owed something she is not. We have a strong reputation and we do not stand for poor quality in the people we hire to do work for us.

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