Veggetti Spaghetti Maker As Seen On TV

What is Veggetti – An innovative kitchen device that lets you make healthier Spaghetti with perfect zucchini and squash strips


Make healthy pasta minus the calories and carbs

Veggetti promises to be the right device for you if you love polishing off spaghetti pasta but hate the fats and carbs that make you bulky and feel lethargic. Now you can apparently make mouth-watering zucchini and squash pasta fast and easy with Vaggeti, which claims to let you get strips of the veggies to replace the traditional spaghetti noodles. A single serving of spaghetti is laden with 800 calories and 160 gm of carbs. But Veggetti supposedly allows you to make healthy pasta that has only 60 calories and only 80 gm of carbs.


Easy to use and gives perfect texture

Veggetti is meant to be very easy to use. All you need to do is place squash or any zucchini of your choice in the Veggetti and turn it to get mounds of zucchini pasta in seconds that you can top up with any pasta dressing or sauce to enjoy a delectable grub sans the extra weight and lethargy. Veggetti is believed to give you the perfect texture of pasta.


Patented design

The secret of Veggetti is said to lie in its 12 ultra sharp stainless steel blades on both the sides that will help you get effortless slicing and pasta strips. The two different blades are supposed to give you thicker or thinner strips according to your need – the left side will give you thinner spaghetti strips and right will give thicker fettuccini strips. It has an ergonomic grip to give you easy slicing and is dishwasher safe.


Lets you make more than just pasta

The possibilities of pasta that you can make with Veggetti are endless. You can add garlic and olive oil, parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, make primavera or serve it with Alfredo sauce. But other than pasta you can also make Thai Stir Fry, Zucchini salad, carrot strips for a sandwich, potatoes for hash browns and pancakes and unlimited garnishes.


What do I get?2 Veggetti with 2 Gourmet Recipe Guides for just $10.00 plus $13.98. S/h. Official website

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