Watch Owl

What is Watch Owl – The new pest control motion-detector to guard your garden naturally

Watch Owl is an innovatively designed pest control method that promises to protect your garden and plants from pests. It is able to detect the smallest of movements in the garden with its built-in motion sensor and immediately swing into action to scare pests away. The moment Watch Owl senses even a minute motion around, it triggers the head of its body to get in action and create a realistic owl sound, which scares the pests away.

All natural and yet effective

The manufacturers of Watch Owl promote it as a completely natural way to keep pests, critters and other unwanted creatures away from your plants without harming them. Watch owl uses no chemicals and pesticides. All it uses is its motion activated rotating head and a life-like hoot sound of an owl that pests fear and run away from. Since there’s always a danger that children may come in contact with harmful chemicals while playing in the garden, Watch Owl seems to be a much better and safer option of keeping insects out. Once you begin using it, you might find it really useful too and not want to go consider anything else to protect your garden.

Works in an instant and for sure

Watch Owl gets activated on seeing even a minor motion and immediately sets off its owl-like hoot which supposedly replaces the authentic hoot of a real owl. This noise is known to never go wrong in frightening pests naturally. Hence the makers confidently state that Watch Owl is the best way to safeguard your garden, which is precious to most people and take care of the plants you raise with TLC.

What do I get?
You get 2 Watch Owls + $15 As Seen On TV Telebrands Shopping Card. Price: $19.99 plus $15.98. Official website:

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