Wicked Ping Ball REVIEW

About Wicked Ping Ball

Wicked Ping Ball is a fun game to have a good time with your friends. It is just the same like traditional ping pong game just modified it to big set up by raising it to the next level. It is great for parties and team play. They have collapsible cups which aids in easy storage and makes them a portable product. And hence Wicked Ping Ball can be played anywhere – beach, tailgating or even backyard!



Wicked Ping Ball CLAIMS

Wicked Ping Ball set includes 6 cups, 1 ball, 6 weight bags and a air pump. In addition it gives free carry care for easy storage and portability purpose. You can use the 1 complete set to play 3 cups on 3 cups or else you can use 2 sets to play traditional pong i. e. 6 cups on 6 cups.

Sounds like fun? But before deciding to buy the Wicked Ping Ball look for the reviews stating the quality and durability of the game set and is it really worth the money.


Wicked Ping Ball REVIEW

Majority of the reviewers were not happy with the price of Wicked Ping Ball game. It seemed way over priced. However the game is fun and because of its portability it have got some brownie points from the users. The biggest drawback is that the buckets crack with few use. The buckets needed to be a lot sturdier. Also the ball was too heavy unlike the ping pong ball which can also be the reason the buckets got cracked. Hence the quality of the Wicked Ping Ball need to be looked into to make it durable and enjoy it in a long run.

Bryan Castro one of the customer who purchased the Wicked Ping Ball stated in his review – “You can get better quality buckets at the hardware store for under a buck and the balls at any Wal-Mart or sports store for around the same.” Which seems to be a reasonable option knowing you get a good quality, durable assets for the game and make your own set of Wicked Ping Ball .


Wicked Ping Ball Questions and Answers

Q: Does Wicked Ping Ball work with snow?
A: Haven’t tried it, but as long as it’s not cold enough for the water to freeze, it does not seem to be a problem.

Q: How big are the buckets?
A: Like a beach bucket.

Q: What are the actual dimensions of the cups?
A: The buckets are approx. 9 inches tall with a 8.5 inch diameter opening and a 5.5 inch diameter base.

Q: Can you use ping pong balls as replacements?
A: Yes, the Wicked Ping Balls are literally just ping pong balls. You can make this game yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Q: Can you buy replacement buckets I had one crack
A: Similar item is available at Amazon.com not from the As Seen On TV seller.

Q: Do the Wicked Ping Ball float?
A: Yes they float.

Q: will the Wicked Ping Ball bounce on grass?
A: One of the customer said that he do not know if Wicked Ping Ball bounces on grass as I have only used it on concrete. I thought that the ball may crack on the concrete but it is very sturdy. Had a lot of fun using it and it did bounce on the concrete but not a big amount. It is like a huge ping pong ball they are light but strong not heavy either.

Q: Can the game be played on concrete?
A. Not recommended.


What do I get?

  • 6 Pop-up Red “Cups”
  • 1 Inflatable Ball
  • 6 Weight Bags
  • 1 Air Pump
  • 1 Carry Case

Please check the Official Website: WickedBigPong.com

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