Wonder Grab

What is Wonder Grab
It’s a pad that can hold just about anything without leaving any residue behind.

Wonder Grab claims to help you with space organization in your offices and homes quite easily. It does that by holding on to all your important items securely, wherever you want. How often have you tried to find things on your desk at work or at home for that matter and failed miserably? Do you only find clutter around you and not what you are looking for? In that case Wonder Grab might be able to work to your benefit according to its claims.



Wonder Grab can securely hold your items

Now you won’t have to think hard about where you have kept your car keys or phone and tablet for that matter. That’s because Wonder Grab is said to be strong enough to hold your tablets securely as well. And you can keep your keys etc attached to it too. It not only saves you space by avoiding clutter and keeping things organized, but it will save you the time and hassle of finding things as well.


Wonder Grab securely grips on both sides to different surfaces

It has been created in a way that it works well with different kinds of surfaces. According to its claims you can stick it to the fridge or wood, it can stick to the wall or the dashboard for that matter. You also have the option of sticking Wonder Grab to the tabletop, glass, tile and a whole lot more. Wherever you might want to stick it there will be more space created for you to hold just about anything from pens to glasses to garage remotes and gadgets.



Wonder Grab doesn’t leave any residue behind

And that seems to be a major advantage because you don’t have to worry about the state of the walls etc after you are done using it. Wonder Grab is also said to be easy to clean and simply washing it with mild soap and water can do the trick. It stays sticky to be used later.


What do I get?
Buy 2 Wonder Grab
Price – $10.00 +$15.9P&H. Total amount $25.9
Official website .wondergrab.com


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