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What is Wonder Max Blender – It is a smart 5-in-one kitchen appliance that can chop, blend, mix, grind and juice ingredients in just 10 seconds or less.


A 5-in-1 appliance that saves counter space

Wonder Max Blender claims to be a kitchen appliance that can singlehandedly blend, mix, grind, juice, and chop in 10 seconds or less without cluttering the counter. Usually a juicer cannot chop or a blender cannot grind nor can a mixer create delectable nutritious food. But Wonder Max Blender claims to do all this perfectly.


Patented design to meet all your needs

Wonder Max Blender supposedly lets you grate, chop and blend all at once in just 10 seconds or allows you to make healthy homemade soups in just 6 seconds. There is also no need to tear your hands up because you an arguably grate cheese, pine nuts and parsley perfectly to make a yummy pasta sauce in 5 seconds. All this is said to be possible because of the design of Wonder Max Blender’s blades that spin at 1400 rpm and the conical shape that circulates food directly into the blades. The extremely powerful power base of Wonder Max Blender is meant to have two separate powerful blades system – a double blade that you can use to chop and blend and a single blade to grind and whip.


All-purpose high quality cups

The kitchen system believably has four high quality multipurpose cups of perfect sizes for different purposes. The regular size can be used for dips and sauces for foods like salsa and hummus. The large cups are great for desserts and drinks like coffee delights and healthy smoothies. The short bursts can be used for quick chopping or it can be left on for a while to blend and mix. Wonder Max Blender has colorful rings that can be screwed on the cups and taken to the table to prevent using extra dishes. Wonder Max Blender also claims that you can use it to cook food in microwave by taking the blade out and covering it with the vented lid.


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  1. This really is wonderful but I was doing some fruit and the blender sparked off and the piece that goes round on the part attached to jug broke and now it is not working. I bought this in teleshopping but don’t remember distributors. I live on the Island of Malta. Could you please help me who to contact to if possible fix it or buy a new one. Thanks.

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