World Class Chef Knife

What is World Class Chef Knife

– A knife that provides the best cutting, chopping and mincing solution for all variety of food items.


An all-in-one chef knife

World Class Chef Knife is supposedly a marvelous chef knife that performs so well in the kitchen that there is no need for another knife for any purpose whether it is cutting, chopping or mincing. Regular kitchen knives do not perform well when it comes to cutting all types of vegetables and meat. Especially for cutting and chopping tomatoes and onions the right kind of chef knife has always been missing. World Class Chef Knife bridges this gap and is said to be designed to handle any type of food item without messing it up and without taking more time.


Masterful design

World Class Chef Knife is apparently designed with lot of thought process. It is basically a fusion of two knives; with the classic French chef knife design that helps in providing smooth flowing rocking motion and the Japanese Santoku knife which provides a razor sharp edge. Some key features that make World Class Chef Knife the best are said to be its comfort grip handle which has rivets to provide balance and precise grip for holding the knife. For cutting the toughest of food items World Class Chef Knife apparently has a patented “pinch-grip” which can be held for more pressure and precision.


World Class Chef Knife is said to have a body made from German stainless steel and is flash forged to provide a longer, stronger life to the knife. The curved edge blade design helps in cutting food continuously without the need to lift the knife. It also provides peak lifetime performance for its amazing blade that cuts through literally anything and performs time after time. Additionally, World Class Chef Knife’s design supposedly includes scalloped Granton edge which makes it easier for items like cheese to slide off from its surface instead of sticking to it.



World Class Chef Knife promises to be an all-round solution for creating quick dishes like a Salsa, fresh fruit salad, a gourmet dinner and much more.


What do I get?

  • 1 World Class Chef ‘s Knife
  • 4 World Class Steak Knives

All this for just: $10.00 + $19.90 S/h. Official website:


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