World’s Best Cold Press Juicer

Life-Changing Benefits

World’s Best Cold Press Juicer claims to be the best juicer in the market with a host of life-changing benefits. It has a maximum power of 150 watts enabling you to create an awesome and healthy combination of any fruits and vegetables of your choice. Using the World’s Best Cold Press Juicer will allow you to experience life-changing benefits.



Cold Press Juicing Technology

Unlike traditional juicers that just give you juice without preserving the nutrients, World’s Best Juicer’s cold press juicing technology preserves all the vital nutrients present in vegetables and fruits. It also uses a one of a kind mastication process which squeezes the juice out of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and even nuts and soy beans for homemade almond or soy milk. Unlike standard juicers, the World’s Best Cold Press Juicer makes up to 40% more juice from the same amount of vegetables, greens, and fruits.



Low Friction and Low Oxidation

The World’s Best Juicer lets you gain from the additional nutritional benefits while simultaneously giving you enhanced taste and reduced waste. World’s Best Cold Press Juicer features no blades; therefore there is lower friction and lower oxidation and foaming. This means your juice remains fresh and tastes great for up to 72 hours.

Low rotation speed

Since it has a low rotation speed of 80 RPMs there is minimal build up of heat giving you healthier results.


The juicer comes with accessories including fine screens, two 34-ounce juicing cups, tamper, and a cleaning brush. The small, vertical design takes up less space on the counter top.

Auto cleaning system

It also features an auto cleaning system that wipes the screen clean to increase efficiency. The juicer features three simple to use settings: on, off and reverse. It comes with a pusher to help put the ingredients into the juicer and the over-sized spout helps in the serving of juice. It is also child-friendly and BPA Free.
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What do I get?
Get the World’s Best Cold Press Juicer for just $399.00. Official website


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