Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System

What is Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System: It is a collection and bagging system that claims to make all cleanup chores a breeze.


Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System is said to have been designed to make it easier for you to collect mulched leaves, making fall cleanup chores simple. It is said to work well with WORX TRIVAC® Blower/Mulcher/Vac, which ensures that you can herd and then shred leaves for the garden or compost bin for that matter. Moreover it’s also meant to work with all other electric and gas blower/vacs offering you a great deal of flexibility.



Works efficiently with blower/vacs

This collection system has factory fit adapters, which make it possible to connect with all blowers, mulchers and vacs. These adapters work with a 4-in.-diameter, 8-ft. hose with a diameter up to 16 ft. It’s quite easy to get started with the Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System because one end of the hose attaches to the vac adapter while the other end reaches out to a circular, elastic nylon cover.

The cover also has been specially designed to ensure that it can fit well over outdoor containers that you use. Once you power on the vac the leaves are sent via the hose into the container, which can then be cinch tied. Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System is that simple to use and there is no mess for you to clean up later.



Convenient to use

Emptying the bushel bag every time it’s full is such a hassle and involves six different steps, which can be avoided completely with the help of this collection system. When used with the powerful WORX TRIVAC® Blower/Mulcher/Vac it bears impressive results of 18:1 ratio. Without the appliances homeowners would have to haul 18 bags for one bag of mulch that is produced by the TRIVAC.

These benefits are taken a step further with the help of the Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System, which not only works efficiently with TRIVAC but saves you time and energy too.



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