What is Wring-O-Mop?

It claims to be a one-stop dual-action mop that uses clean water every time to clean the floor easily. It can be cleaned by rinsing and twisting in the sink with ease.



Easy cleaning mop

Wring-O-Mop alleges to come with a twisting handle design that lets you wring and rinse the mop easily right into the sink. Wring-O-Mop states to use clean water every time and requires no other chemicals to clean the floor. Although there are no Wring-O-Mop reviews available at this point of time that will substantiate with its claims.


Thoughtful design
Wring-O-Mop claims its mop has dual-layer pad with microfibers. These lift and trap dirt and grime with ease from the floor by locking them in. Wring-O-Mop asserts to have a second layer of high-density super-absorbent chamois inside that can absorb many times its weight in liquid. It can be reused after machine use. Wring-O-Mop assures its rotating swivel head reaches all corners and works on all hard surfaces such as marble, wood, floor, linoleum, laminate, etc. More shall be revealed once it’s reviewed.


What do I get?
Buy Wring-O-Mop just for only £29.99 Shipping Rate: £3.99
1 Wring-o-mop with telescopic handle 110-132cm
1 Dual layer shammy mop
1 Dust removal pad
1 Microfiber cloth 30x27cm

Official website: bestdirect.co.uk

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