Wubble Fulla Marbles REVIEW

What is Wubble Fulla?

It is a squishy ball and collection of marbles filled with slushy goo that kids, young ones and anyone love squeezing, squashing and playing with. Wubble Fulla Marbles from the the makers of Wubble Bubble.


Wubble Fulla CLAIMS

Tempting, Mess-Free and Loads of Fun
Wubble Fulla promises to fill up children’s playtime with unlimited excitement as it’s a captivating and exciting set of squishy ball cum marbles that don’t break, rip and split no matter how hard you treat it and throw it down. Wubble Fulla may be called a toy that doubles as a stress reliever also as it is highly malleable, soft and yet sturdy enough to never come apart no matter how it is handled. It is the perfect plaything that can make one go crazy playing, squeezing and chucking around with freely, knowing it won’t be affected.

Non-Messy Substance that Creates no Mess

Wubble Fulla is filled with tender and colourful sludge that makes it very flexible and attractive. The makers of this squishy plaything claim that it’s virtually unbreakable despite being soft and tender. Available as a ball and loads of little marbles filled to the brim with gooey sludge, Wubble Fulla bounces, rolls, springs and does everything one needs without breaking, which makes it the ultimate squishy ball.

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