X-Shot Re-Generator REVIEW | Toy Blaster Gun As Seen On TV

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What is X-Shot Re-generator?

It is a dynamic and powerful toy blaster that comes with 12 attachments that can be customized. X-Shot Re-generator is projected as the ultimate blaster that inquisitive and adventurous youngsters will never have enough of.

X-Shot Re-Generator CLAIMS

Unending Warfare Adventure and Fun
The toy blaster has been designed to be used by creating multiple combinations (actually running into more than thousand) to combat, shoot and do lots more during playtime with. The manufacturers of this toy blaster attribute this function to a mind-boggling 12 attachments it comes with, which allow players to keep combining their functions to devise and design several new ways themselves to play with. X-Shot Re-generator comes with attachments like darts that go as high as 60 feet with its dart clips that can shoot really long and reload in a jiffy.

Unlimited Attachments for New Discoveries
X-Shot Re-generator has 12 fully customizable attachments that include nozzles, 48 foam grips, scope, bi-pod, fore-grip, stock and more. They are made to facilitate rebuilding and recreating functions into as many combinations youngsters can think of to attack targets, attain best shots and accomplish adventurous missions. Designs like RNG-100, Gen-R8 have also been included. In addition, X-Shot Re-generator can be indoors as well as outdoors.

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