Yolk Magic


What is Yolk Magic
Yolk Magic is a tool that will help extract and remove unwanted yolk from egg whites easily.



Cooking healthy is made easy

Yolk being the integral part of eggs it is said to be the part that consists of most fats and cholesterol in the egg. The egg white on the other hand consists of hardcore proteins as compared to yolk’s pure cholesterol. But it has been always a problem when it comes to removing the white manually or strainers but Yolk Magic claims to have a solution for it. This means that the effective removal of yolk will help you cook a healthy meal with the essential proteins of egg white in no time. In short you will be able to cook recipes like yolk free muffins, quiche Lorraine, fluffy pancakes, Belgian waffles, veggie scramble and much more without the worry of calories from the yolk.



Easy as 1-2-3

Using Yolk Magic is said to be so easy that even children of all ages can use it. As the bulb shaped body needs to be squeezed to create a vacuum, the mild gentle vacuum created with the silicone lining is just enough to have a suction that when placed near a yolk and released will catch the yolk and suck it. Yolk Magic also promises that multiple yolks can be extracted from egg whites in one go with its three step solution of – press, touch to yolk and release. Plus it is said that Yolk Magic can remove yolk from inside a frying pan, mixing bowl, etc helping cook better.


Yolk Magic and its additional advantages
Yolk Magic claims to be so efficient in its job that the yolk doesn’t get harmed in the process which makes using the yolk for other recipes like mayonnaise, spreads and desserts. The BPA free design of Yolk Magic is said to come in four different colors to suit the home décor. Also cleaning Yolk Magic is supposedly easy since it is dishwasher safe.


What do I get?

  • 2 Yolk Magics
  • 1 Recipe Guide
  • 1 Veggie Chopper

All this for just $10 plus $13.98 P&H. Official website: GetYolkMagic.com


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