Zone Zapper

What is Zone ZapperIt is a solar powered bug zapper


New portable solar-powered bug zapper

The Zone Zapper is built as the new solar-powered bug zapper that is portable to make any place you are in completely bug-free and safe. The Zone Zapper is a new concept that aims to make protection from bugs extraordinarily easy, quick and safe as you don’t have to install it in one place but can be carried anywhere it’s required. It is basically cordless and portable and runs on solar power. It offers protection from over 100 varieties of flying insects and pests all over the surroundings of your home without spending extra. The Zone Zapper is a solar-powered bug zapper so that means you need no energy to run it on. You need no batteries or electricity to charge this personal bug zapper to recreate a flawless bug-free zone in your backyard in an instant.

Chemical-free and safe

One of the key features of the Zone Zapper is that it is absolutely safe and harmless as it does not use bug repellent chemicals at all. It simply runs on solar power by getting naturally charged the whole day in the sun. In evenings it is turned on automatically and begins zapping away packs of bugs and insects most of which are harmful. The power of the Zone Zapper, according to its creators, lasts for up to 8 hours, which makes it function quite like an invisible mosquito net that offers foolproof safety.

Convenient to use

The solar powered Zone Zapper does not need any installation as it can be placed on the ground or hung by its hook in your garden. It has a protective inner cylinder and a cage built on its exterior which is supposed to be safe to use around pets, backyard animals and even kids.


What do I get?

  • 2 Zone Zappers

Price: $19.99 + $14.98 S/h. Official website

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